Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i need you bad

as my heartbeat,
bad like the food i eat,
bad as the air i breath,
i need you bad.

but wait, i don't need you. i don't need you at all. because you know what? i'm okay.

i think i'm over you.
i made the effort, and that's i can do.
don't say i never tried.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i don't want to hear it.
i don't want to hear it.
i don't want to hear it.

 i hate hearing all the shit. i extremely hate hearing it. it's the one thing that has ever impacted my life with excruciating pain. i feel like a part of me is missing. i hated talking about it. i absolutely hate it. because i cry. every single time. i hate it. i never knew how fucked up shit can get. or how can you let shit like this happen. i hate seeing him so hurt and stressed. he pulls back just to please others. but he has a heart, just like he said i had a heart. shit happens, fuck. 

when will we be unbreakable?

never. at least not anything time so. and i hate this part, right here.