Monday, July 6, 2009


leaving for vietnam later on tonight :'( haha i love my bff<3, forreals. she wants to take me to the airport :') i'm going to miss her, eur, and our LMAO moments when flying (and not flying). of course, i'm going to definitely miss anthony :( i dont know how i am going to not see him for three weeks. it's going to be hard but i'll just have to get through it. i'm sure will do the same :) tehee

off to fobby world :(

p.s. i really hate fobs...i get enough of them at work!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

it's official.

i love him

it's been quite awhile since i've blogged. summer's here, haha well it's been here! my days consist of hanging out with anthony and the couples. and you know what? it's been pretty good. yesterday i spent the whole day with anthony and his family for fourth of july. they are one heck of a family that i'm growing to love. and he asked me to be his girlfriend, :) it was cute. he's such a sweetheart and i love him<3

monday night, i'm leaving to vietnam :( i'm going to miss anthony and the gang alot but part of me is a little excited just to get outta here. just three weeks, i can do it! also, i'm curious what adventures me and sonic are going to have. poor thing is bored out of his mind and waiting for me to come and hangout with him. haha it's going to be interesting :) man, i swear i'ma bring back a suitcase full of only lashes. get your orders to me, girls! :)

growing up and learning. learning to accept and learning new things about myself and about others. and that's just life. you know what they say, you find your true friends in high school. for now, fuckkk it :)