Monday, February 23, 2009


there had been several times where i wanted to blog but i just simply can't. i can't describe my emotions. well, i can. i can't seem to explain why. i feel lost. i feel alone. i feel sad most of the time. i can't explain why. i feel pretty pathetic with myself.

i don't know anymore.

Monday, February 9, 2009

forward, not backwards

hm, just came back from shopping with nana and nina. i miss our '04 days (: i spent approximately $125 at urban outfitters + $55 online purchase. but in my defense, one of it was a birthday present! haha oh, confessions of a shopaholic. i am very much a victim. hopefully this week goes well! i have many things to look forward to:

tuesday: driving test! 1:50 PM, wish me luck. but mommy is taking me out around 9:00 AM, yay!
wednesday: late start, hells yeah! school at 9:30 AM and babylove's bball game with kevin!
thursday: v2o with anny ho! weewoo
friday: no school (: and candice's birthday dinner / karake-ing
saturday: valentine's day! lunch with nana<3 and then work 5-10:30 PM

with this drama shit, it's so high school and immature. i will not make a big deal, i will not care, and i will be the bigger and better person to let it go. lastly, i will move on. so keep talking. i won't listen.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

a good day

i honestly didn't do much but i had a lot of fun. after running errands at target, i went into work early. i worked with anny yay! i love our girl talks and how much we think alike :) ohmygosh, i don't know how.. i don't know why.. but there were a bunch of cuties today! at the crawfish house, it's rare that we get cute guys :) it makes work fun, especially with anny. haha we just giggle and try to work it a little more ;) but i had an embarassing moment and i hope no one saw. i was wearing my steve madden boots and i nearly fell on my ass. luckily i caught myself and quickly hid behind the counter hoping no one saw. haha and it wasn't the first time! hm, it was a good day. i was happy and freaken made BANK! shopping, anyone? mhm!

thanks for my loves who checked up on me :) truly apperciated.

Friday, February 6, 2009

a rainy day

nothing beats ice cream on a rainy day. TGIF, forreals

thank you, loves. i apperciate your concerns and comfort dearly. hm, i think i will go online shopping now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i found an interest in reading again, but only reading books i enjoy. i use to love reading when i was young and then i hated it when i became a teenager. now, i'm started to love it! i'm started to actually read required english books as well. right now, i'm reading two books at once, new moon and perks of being a wallflower, (yeah... never happened before) and reviewing catcher in the rye. i amaze myself that i can read 100 or so pages in a day when before i read 100 in like a week! anyways, i love the twilight series. when i read it, the actions/feelings are so real and genuine even if it's about vampires and werewolves. i plan on buying the hardcover collection soon! i just can't get enough :) edward cullen melts make heart and i hope for my own edward cullen. cheesy but i'm hopeful.

hm, i think i'm getting my period soon. i've been having bitchfits alot so just a heads-up, don't fuck with me til after it's done :) gross, i know. but nature calls, hahaha.

i'm totally looking foward to my driving test tuesday, february 10 at 1:50 pm. hopefully i pass! it will be such a bummer if i don't but we will see. i want to catch he's just not that into you this weekend and do some shopping :)

my infamous line: "i want to go shopping"

Sunday, February 1, 2009


i must say, i'm jealous. very, very jealous. but i have to accept it and get over it. you're happy, she's happy. i just wished you cared, that's all.

hm, honestly. my life is so boring right now. my life consist of school, tv/youtube, and sleep. haha, i know right? i feel such a lowlife! i need some excitement! i need some boys! jk, i don't boys. but it's so fun! sigh, i just love eye candies. i giggle like a little girl when i think about them. anyways, hm. i came to the point where i feel like i have no one to talk to. i feel like all of friends are slowly drifting away from me and i hate it. i miss my friends, dearly. but i guess, i can see who my true friends are.

'cause they're the ones that stay,