Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i am tired

of everything.

i want to run, run from everything. just for a little while so i can feel at ease. and i want to sleep. sleep so i can just forget about everything.

"like how the orange stopped rolling down the hill cuz it ran out of juice" <3

thanks for having my back, babe. thanks for trying to make me feel better with your jokes when in the end, i laugh at you. thanks for being there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

cancels out

and back to zero.

i've laid out all the facts, all the consequences, everything. but when it comes done to weighing, the facts just cancel outs. balance. i've never been in a position where i had to choose between what the right thing to do or where my heart takes me. i can honestly say, i don't know where i'm going from here. from this. its..complicated. sigh, "it's chilllllll" =)

you know, it's the littlest things that makes me hold on a bit longer.

Monday, May 11, 2009

you and me

we suppose to be
Together, girL. forever,

i miss our friday night sushi dinners. i miss going to your house every day. i miss going shopping with you and spending $$$ or at least i know i would spend at least a bill everytime. i miss going to the movies at bella terra and giggle at the cute nerdy boy working. i miss getting ready to go out. i miss watching youtube videos with you. i miss the laughs we shared. i miss the gossip we talked about. i miss the movies nights. i miss the trips to 711. i miss swimming days during the summer. i miss our little sign language and secret codes no one knows but us. i miss making eye contact across the gym. i miss the adventures taking the bus. i miss the fun we had. i miss all our little insiders. i miss getting pretty just to take some pictures and be camera whores. i miss sitting there watching tv and eating all the snacks at your house. i miss the excitement we'd get over the simplest things. i miss trying to talk to each other on the phone for a record time. i miss the retarded dance moves we did. i miss the matching outfits. i miss decorating mugs for our boy at that time at color me mine. i miss writing notes to each other during math class. i miss messing around with people and saying that we're twin sisters. i miss being the one you'd come to first. i miss just really miss you. i miss us.

today, i feel better. i feel good. i feel at ease.

it took awhile to rekindle back to each other after a long period of being apart. it's hard to pick things up where we left off because its been too long. but i think we need this. we needed time to ourselves and even though it was pretty rough along the way, that's what makes this friendship different from all the rest. because in the end, we're always there for each other. in the end, we'd always be the bestfrrrans that are meant to be. after everything, we're better when we're together. i love you

a classic, est. '92

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

definition of an asshole

nikkahh: im gonna blog tonight hahah
nikkahh: i've been lagging it
nikkahh: i feel liek giving up on it already LOL
linshee: blog how much you miss me <3 haha
nikkahh: no thanks
nikkahh: i like to tell the truth
nikkahh: when i blog
linshee: fucking asssshole
linshee: man
linshee: that was goood
linshee: that was real good


Sunday, May 3, 2009


it's not about choosing which side to be on between two friends.
its about knowing what is right and wrong. good intentions.

say what you mean, and mean what you say. i'm sick of getting all this bullshit. i use to care and was afraid to hurt you. but man, fuck it. i know its harsh but you fucking put it on yourself. i'm done with your bullshit and fake asss.

saturday night, i had a blast! :) it's been awhile since i had a real good time. feelin' the buzzzzz, felt so good. i loved not caring, not worrying, and just having fun. BUT mannn, i can't wait til prom. shitttt, it's going to get down. anticipation! :)